Isla Holbox – the pearl of Yucatan

Isla Holbox is an island on north side of Yucatan peninsula and is real pearl on too touristic Mexican Riviera. It is separated from mainland by lagoon, that is home of many birds, mostly pelicans and flamingos; but the whole island is part of nature reserve. To the island come … več o tem →

Las Coloradas

I won’t write too much in this article. Photos will tell everything… Las Coloradas are amazing pink salt pans and salt lakes in the northern part of Jucatan peninsula. It was beautiful. Just us and nobody around, no turists, not even locals. Peaceful, quiet beauty of nature. Whiteness, pink lakes … več o tem →

Mexico and Belize: travel itinerary in words and photos – part 1

Many of you are asking me questions about our travel to Mexico and Belize, so I decided to write a bit longer article with more details about out trip. I hope that you will be encouraged for new adventure, this time overseas. If you are a visual type of person, … več o tem →

Traveling review of 2015

Traveling year 2015 was unbelievable and exceptional from all sides. I realize that it won´t be easy to repeat it, at least for a couple of years, as we have two kids that go to elementary school. Or maybe not, you never know 🙂 We were on travels outside Slovenia … več o tem →

Indians and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Original inhabitants of America are Indians – Native Americans as they named them. They are wonderful market niche for Americans but at the same time they are outcasts and on the edge of society. Equality that is so important to Americans fall apart when speaking of Indians. Many Indians are … več o tem →

Norris in Biscuit gejzirski dolini

When driving or walking through Yellowstone you have a feeling that there is smoke everywhere. Not only that you have that feeling, the earth really “leaks” and smokes. It smokes from earth, lakes, geysers, waterfalls… Sometimes it smells, sometimes not. Actually it doesn´t smell that much, considering the amount of … več o tem →