Slovenia: 100 waterfalls in Koritnica valley

Before we had kids, Peter and I were exploring waterfalls around Slovenia. Not those well known as Savica, Peričnik, Boka, … even though those are beautiful waterfalls. We wanted to explore less known waterfalls, those that aren´t the first choice for Sunday trips or for tourists.

The most beautiful part of Slovenia for us is Bovec and surrounding area and we went there a lot. So we met a wonderful guide that gave us a book “Sto slapov v dolini Loške Koritnice” (100 waterfalls in Koritnica valley). Our eyes were lightening up and our hearts were singing, because there is nothing more beautiful as powerful energy of water falling of the rocks. That´s what we though back then and we still love waterfalls today.

If I have to choose my favorite place in Slovenia that would be Log pod Mangrtom, Strmec and Predel with Mangrt saddle and my favorite mountain would be – of course – Mangrt . And Koritnica valley is located there, under Mangrt´s slopes, and is also called valley of hundred waterfalls.

Are really hundred of them?

100 is symbolic number, of course. But the number is enormous – we checked. I can easily and without doubt say that as much waterfalls that are here in such a small area, are nowhere else in Slovenia.
Koritnica valley is fairy-tale valley, forgotten in time and not known to tourists. The name (Koritnica) originates from river beds made in limestone. The deepest river beds are by fortress Kluže, approximately 70 meters. River Možnica creates great river beds as well, with beautiful waterfalls by its path, before mouth to river Koritnica.

If you decide to explore waterfalls in Koritnica Valley, you can check web site first. There are represented beauties of Slovenia on wonderful and interactive way, including various waterfalls, Koritnica valley waterfalls as well. Even better would be to get the book I am writing about and make your adventure even better when reading descriptions and looking at maps in that book.

Further on I would like to represent a few of our favorite waterfalls in Loška Koritnica valley. When we were exploring this part of Slovenia, we were taking slides and I don´t feel like founding them, so there will be no photos of the waterfalls. But the images I still have in front of my eyes are more beautiful than any photos. So I will borrow some photos from that book, just for better perception. Even better if I will enthuse you to spend a day there. Then you will see them in person and – believe me – you won´t regret it.

Those are our favorite waterfalls in Koritnica valley:


Možnica Valley is located between two high mountains Rombon and Jerebica and there is a creek by the name Možnica, called Nemčlja by locals. There are not many paths towards Možnica waterfalls, but to the most beautiful of them – Big Možnica waterfall – that isn´t the truth as there are many paths around it. On road Bovec-Predel go to fortress Kluže and further on towards Log pod Mangrtom and after 2 kilometers leave your car on parking on the left side of the road. Then you go down to river Koritnica, cross the bridge and turn right. You can admire beautiful river beds and after 30 minutes you arrive to the bridge above the waterfall. We recommend that you take the well walked path near the hillside. The path is not dangerous, but you should be careful anyway. And you should have quality footwear. You will reach beautiful viewpoint where water runs from river beds as from big mouths. For the end you can see some minor waterfalls and pools above the waterfall or you can return to parking spot.


Fratarica is the biggest sight of Koritnica Valley and I am almost certain that is the highest waterfall in Slovenia. Peter and I were here many times and get to know it closer, aslo through canyonig that was scary and majestic at the same time. Lower Fratarica waterfalls are easy accessible, higer ones not so much. Between guesthouse and firehouse in Zgornji Log pod Mangrtom you go on a path to hanging footbridge over river Koritnica, and immediately after that you turn right and after 100 meters you are by Fratarica river. You go up on its right shore (our left) at many small waterfalls and soon you go down on well walked path to river bed and you will find yourself in mighty arched hall where Katedrala waterfall roar and reign. You climb back to the path and up to the edge of the forest, until you reach the most famous waterfall in Fratarica valley – Parabola. You can go down to the waterfall or observe it from far. Higher waterfalls are harder to reach and you need more experience, so you turn around here.


Zaročenca waterfall is part of Predelnica waterfalls, but it is so beautiful, that deserves special appearance. For us this is definitely the most beautiful waterfall of Koritnica valley and one of the most beautiful ones of Slovenia. It belongs to middle Predelnica waterfalls and the path is not difficult (which doesn´t apply to all Predelnica waterfalls). You go from Strmec towards Mangart and Mangrt´s Saddle and turn left at approximately half way by the sign for Zaročenca waterfall. You go down the slope and soon you reach mostly dry river bed and confluence of Mangrt creek and river Predelnica. You will see 30 meters threshold of red rocks and over it runs waterfall Zaročenca and drizzles around.
Why the name Zaročenca (Fiancés)? Before year 1986 sharp piece of rock divided jet of water on two jets, that fall separately one third of the fall and than together to the lake by the bottom of the waterfall, which is suitable for bathing as well. Thunderstorm in 1986 broke the sharp piece of rock and took the waterfall´s original image. It still belongs to the most beautiful waterfalls, partly because of its wonderful surrounding environment.


Predelnica or Italian Predilnica runs down from Predel to Log pod Mangartom. It creates numerous waterfalls, jumps, pools and many of them are hard to get to. In middle part of Predelnica we can observe waterfall Zaročenca (described above) as well as we can easily access some other waterfalls in this part of Predelnica.
How to get to them? Leave your car at turn of Predel road towards Mangrt´s Saddle. Only a few meters above road exit (in direction of Predel and border crossing) you find marked path on the left side. Approximately after 15 minutes of walking you will see column sign directing you towards waterfall named Smaragdno okno (Emerald window), which really offers some emerald pools and minor waterfalls (jumps). You get back to the path and continue between small rocks and creeks, until you are surrounded by hillsides and at the end you see Predelski slap (Predel waterfall). The path is not demanding, but you need to be careful and have good footwear. Wild environment thrills with silence, colors and sounds of birds and water.

One of the biggest natural catastrophes in Slovenia happened in year 2000 in Mangrt and Predelnica area. There was massive earth avalanche that threatened lives of people living in this area and changed image of landscape. On waterfalls described above this natural disaster didn´t have any effect and you can still experience them in all their beauty. But it totally redesigned Mangrt creek and many of its waterfalls and lower waterfalls of Predelnica. Mangrt creek used to flow from hill slopes of Mangrt to join Predelnica river a little under waterfall Zaročenca and its river bed is totally damaged and redesigned.


Gorejca is a creek above Spodnji Log and it is the warmest creek in this valley. When waterfall flows down the hillside, sun warms it to even 20°C, so in the pool at the bottom with gold yellow color local kids are playing in the summer. Above the pool is higher waterfall and after the pool there is lower waterfall. When the water is high it seems like silver braids are falling down and that´s why its name is Kitke (Braids).


Kaludrica is one of many creeks that have springs in Loška stena and mouth to river Koritnica. There is not a lot of water the creek in summer, because Kaludrica is torrent creek. It is best to go there in spring when snow is melting in the mountains and that influences the amount of water in the creek. Access to Kaludrica is not difficult, but it is difficult to find it. You start in Zgornji Log and go towards hydroelectric power plant. There you turn left and approximately after 300 meters you reach footbridge over Koritnica. The valley is pretty silent, wild, peaceful and beautiful and so worth visiting. When you cross footbridge you get to the meadow and the path is poorly visible. It is best to climb to the edge of forest and there is well walked path. You walk on the right side until you reach the creek. Then there is clearing in the meadow and colorful pool, that locals named Pravljični slap (Fairy-tale waterfall). A little above, hidden in the forest, is waterfall Kaluder.

I hope that with these descriptions I managed to reveal part of Slovenia that is quite wild and doesn´t get the attention among visitors and tourists. That makes it even more charming, but I know that people of Koritnica valley want more visitors and at least a little recognition on map of Slovenia. Those are my favorite parts of Slovenia that are often hit by earthquakes and earth avalanches are more than worth of our respectful visit and attention. Because what we get with nature in this area is above all expectations. What is essential is invisible to the eye and for those special places it is worth making an effort. It really is. Always.