Abu Dhabi and Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque

Very beautiful white Sheik Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi is worth stopping at United Arab Emirates. Emirates itself didn´t especially thrill us – we are nature lovers – unlike neighboring Oman, but to see – for many – the most beautiful mosque in the world is worth to make a stop, even just for a half a day.

Even if Emirates or Oman aren´t your final destination – you can plan your stop between flights in UAE that way, so you will be able to see this wonderful mosque.

The mosque is open all days except Fridays. If you have enough time, you should go there early in the morning. It is best to take guided tour (every full hour, starts at 9 a.m.), because they take you to the places that are closed to individual visitors. It is necessary to have appropriate clothes; as it is useful to have headscarf in Arabic countries, because you can use it to cover your hands or head if the occasion arise.

What to write down about our feelings in the mosque? We were charmed. It was definitely the most beautiful sacral object we have seen so far.

Let the photos speak 🙂