Amsterdam, Prague or Budapest in New Year´s time

Peter and I had a habit – in time before kids – to visit one of European capitals in New Year´s and explore it. So the first year we were together, we went to see Amsterdam, next year Paris, than Prague, the fourth year there were already three of us 🙂 . I admit that I don´t feel like doing it for New Year´s anymore. The reason is almost certainly in my age, but also in the fact that with kids we think twice about the time of our trips. New Year´s is time that we like to spend with friends.

However there is some magic and charm in visiting capitals in December. Amsterdam, Paris, Prague and Budapest (which we hadn´t visit in New Year´s time, but at different occasion), Vienna … that are all great choices – you can go there by yourself or with one of travel agencies, with car, bus or even better – with low-cost airline.

We memorized Paris and Amsterdam the most. Paris is the city which you shouldn´t leave out, even if you prefer nature on your journeys and you found cities only as “necessary evil”. It definitely deserves more detail presentation on our travel web site. And regardless recent events – it is worth visiting. Don´t let the fear prevent you traveling to Paris, because you won´t be sorry.

Amsterdam on the other side is … Amsterdam. I would be happy to go back there and continue exploring it.

Beside many museums that you can visit in town (we didn´t do that because we don´t like museums), Red Light District (that we did 🙂 ), you should go to the most visited square of Amsterdam – Dam, The Jewish Quarter with Anna Frank´s house, maybe diamond factory and when the weather is nice you can boat ride the canals or you can walk around the Amsterdam. Or you can just enjoy the atmosphere of this special city. And if you go to Amsterdam, you shouldn´t leave out its interesting surroundings; from visiting cheese dairies and clog workshops, enjoying fisherman´s towns Volendam and Marken and of course visiting town Zaanse Schans, which is known by windmills. You should also visit Den Haag, because of itself, but also because of famous International Court of Justice.

Next city that we recommend to visit in December is Prague. The capital of Czech Republic is golden city with hint of medieval era by river Vltava. What I remembered the most? Cold when walking on Charles Bridge or by river Vltava and warmth of Czech´s beer pubs. Both had hint of magic 🙂 . But you shouldn´t leave out remarkable Prague´s Old Town Square with City Hall and its Astronomical Clock from 15th century, many generously coated stands and Hradcany Castle with famous Golden Lane.

And than Budapest. We didn´t like it that much and it made smaller impression. I am almost certain that this isn´t quite fair, because I know many people that were thrilled about Budapest, so – despite our impressions – you should courageously go and see capital of Hungary, which is so near us. Budapest is also called “The Queen of river Danube”, because of its pictures position and many royally and imperial building by river Danube. Riverbanks of Danube and old Obuda town are under aegis of UNESCO and absolute must-see when visiting Budapest. You also shouldn´t miss the opportunity to have dinner in one of csardas – typical Hungarian restaurant with gipsy music, food and drinks. On your way to Budapest you can stop by Lake Balaton, preferably in village Tihany by the stream of the same name – it offers the most beautiful view on lake and surroundings.

We never run out of an idea which places outside our beloved Slovenia to explore. And sometimes we don´t need much to open window to the world. You just have to open it and make a first step. Just bravely and without fear.

So – what will you choose?