Slovenia: Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley

When going on excursions in nature, we usually go alone or in company of another family. This time there were 20 persons in our group and we had great time, nevertheless.
When traveling or exploring in a group you always have to adjust a little, but what you get in return is worth every compromise 🙂 and cannot even be described. Oddly enough we found silence and peace of Voje Valley and Mostnica Gorge regardless how big our group was.

When days are worm, we recommend an excursion to Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley with a waterfall at the end as you can cool down by the river and waterfall. Round path is 11 km long, but it is not difficult path. It is suitable for children that are used to walk at least a little.

How do we get to the starting point of round path?

By the Lake Bohinj (Ribčev laz) we continue on the right side, towards Stara Fužina. In crossroad by the chapel in Stara Fužina we turn sharply to the left on rising road towards Blato Mountain Pasture, Vogar and Voje Valley. We park at the parking spot where you have to pay the toll for the road if you want to continue to Blato Mountain Pasture.

Attention: you should have enough coins to pay for your parking as parking machine doesn´t return the money. The price is 1,5 eur per hour. Security officers in Bohinj are story for itself and not worth loosing words for, but it is certain that you won´t benefit from parking without paying as they do their job very very exhaustively.
Nevertheless very strict parking policy these places are worth visiting. Mostinca Gorge is wonderful and Voje Valley with its waterfall at the end is really beautiful. There were just a few people even though we were there on sunny and hot Sunday. For the final touch we indulge in delicious food in mountain hut at Voje.

There is another hot weekend in front of us, spend it in nature!