Our Sri Lanka journey started by ride to Anuradapura. Because we don´t like big and crowded cities, we found ourselves a ride to a- few-hours-away historical town Anuradapura just after landing in Columbo. We were tired but determined to go as quickly as possible out of the city – somewhere we can calm down and start exploring slowly and in peace. That “slowly and in peace” we grasped quickly, as we were hungry waiting for dinner for an hour and a half, after arriving to Anuradapura. “Slowly and in peace” is something we got to know immediately after arriving to Sri Lanka and it became way of life, especially when traveling around less touristic North East. Everything good – but you are not you when you are hungry.

Beside receipt “hurry slowly”, we had to deal with high temperatures and moisture we aren´t used to, during first evening and night. “Will it be all the time like that?”, we kept asking ourselves. It wasn´t or at least we don´t remember to be bothered by that anymore.

Anuradapura belongs in upper north part of famous Sri Lanka´s historical triangle: Anuradapura – Pollonaruva – Dhambulla. We left out Pollonaruva. At first, we have every attempt to see it, but then we caught their attitude “slowly and in peace” and rather enjoyed in slower steps. Less is more. Many times. And higher my age is, more I am longing for slower journeys, where you can feel more of the country, people, difference, yourself in it, beat of everything.

Anuradapura stayed in my memory because of chaos on the roads and easy-going mood everywhere else. Because of pushy and less-pushy monkeys. Because of wonderful white Dagobas (white Buddhist Stupa), where you would just stay a little longer… but you just can´t because of hot ceramic tiles are burning you in the foot 🙂 . Because of first dragon that crossed our road. Because of us trying to found hidden entrance to area of the biggest Dagoba that is under aegis of UNESCO. Our driver of tuk-tuk showed it to us – of course for appropriate price, which was still lower than we would have to pay otherwise.

Interesting experiences. Very different of everything we are used to at home. In that´s why we love to travel so much. To see that all that surrounds us at home and everything we know – is not everything there is. Thank God.