Apo island

Apo Island was our last by the sea destination on Philippines before we took a flight back to Manila and went to mountainous North.

What is so special on tiny island without roads, cars or tuk-tuks, with limited amount of electricity, bathroom without taps and toilets that you flush by hands … that we immediately decided to prolong our stay?

Maybe authenticity that we missed on Bohol. Calmness that touches you deep inside. Smallness that force you to be here and now and not wandering in your thoughts all over. Locals that live there in peace and closeness. Above all untouched and protected nature –especially marine world that surrounds the island. Coral reef by it and tens, probably hundreds of turtles that feed in sea shallows – are breath taking and definitely one of the peaks of our Philippine journey.

Apo Island touched us deeply and we won´t forget it.