Puglia and fairytale land of Trulli

This year holidays in beginning of May we had a trip to southern Italy. We decided to explore Puglia, Basilicata and Campania. The trip was interesting and intensive, because we drove over 3000 km, which was good training for summer trip over the ocean.

The south of Italy enthused us. At first we stayed for a few days in Puglia, which is known as “high heel of boot” – the shape of Italy. The north of Puglia is Gargano Peninsula with its wild national park, beautiful beaches and white towns. Thousands of olive trees with first-rate olive oil, mozzarella buffalo and sun dried tomatoes, homemade pastas and good ice-creams were spoiling our taste buds and at the same time olive groves, wild beaches and white little towns were spoiling our eyes and souls.

After leaving Gargano Peninsula we went to south Puglia, where we found ourselves in land of white houses, in fairytale land of Trulli, where time stops and everything runs easy and slowly. Area that is called Itria valley is in the middle of Puglia and with unusual houses – Trulli – in which people still live, especially in countryside, is really special and beautiful. We stayed near town Ostuni, which is another pearl of Italian South. It’s called white city, because it is shiningly white rising on top of the hill and it represents total disconnection for mind and heart.