Athens and Korinthos

My first associations about Athens are heat, crowd and dirt. The first one we experienced at most when visiting Athens first days of July; those second ones luckily not. Most people connect Athens with history and art. But we are not historians by heart, so Athens have been waiting on our list quite a long time, despite regular visits to Greece.

When we finally visited Athens – on our way from North Greece to Peloponnese – we didn´t regret it but most likely we won´t come back. Except as necessity or when Athens will represent starting point for additional exploring of islands in Aegean Sea, which are also on our long list.

Now I remember Athens by heat, beautiful ruins of Acropolis and by good ice cream and cappuccino in old part of town, called Plaka.

Antic ruins of Acropolis and old neighborhood Plaka are what is definitely worth seeing, but better in Spring or Autumn months, when there isn´t such heat and you can breathe easily.