Bachalpsee Lake

For all nature and mountains lovers Switzerland is one of the most beautiful nearby destinations to visit. Besides Slovenian Julian Alps and Italian Dolomites. As I have written before – don´t let high prices in Switzerland discourage you to explore its beauties. If you are well organized than it doesn´t have to be so expensive. There are many camps where you can spend a night for reasonable price and you can bring your own food (which is really expensive). We brought almost all food with us (except for bread) and the biggest expense was the trip itself (the gasoline, tolls and gondolas – but they are not necessary).

For first visit we recommend Grindelwald, Wengen and Lauterbrunnen, where we slept in wonderful camp in the valley of numerous waterfalls.

On that first visit of Switzerland we went exploring area called First with a lake of wonderful name – Bach 🙂 . We took gondola ride and then hike for an hour to Bachalpsee. The path is suitable for younger children if they are at least a little used to walk around.
Downwards path was adrenalin rush and pure enjoinment for someone. At the end children were thrilled as well as we stopped at the playground. What about me?
Besides great view I don´t need much else to enjoy. Maybe a good coffee that I indulge myself with and soon forgot how much I paid for it 🙂 .