Rice terraces in high attitude on North of Luzon were our last stop when exploring Philippines. They are on Unesco World Heritage List and are considered as Eight Wonder of the World. We were very excited about going there, even though we were not sure if we will be able to go there because our youngest got fever just two days before night bus to North of Luzon. At that moment, we were sure that we would have to change our plan of travel. We were a little sad, but no too much – what will be, will be, we said. We have seen and experience so many already, that we didn´t expect nothing more. However, we knew that in mountainous area – quite far from civilization – we could go only healthy. Actually, that evening we had already making new reservations for staying a night in Manila and researching what sightseeing are near. Peter even made a phone call to a hotel to make a reservation and when he would have to tell his account number for first night payment – the Philippine’s phone card went out of money. OK, I said. Let´s learn to hear those signs of life. Let´s wait and see. So we did.

Next day the fever was gone and another day later we sat on a bus at 10 p.m. and our not-so-nice drive started. After app. 8 hours, we came to rice terraces. The morning was clear and chill and we were cold, nauseous and sleepless. What can I say? It was astonishing beautiful and we haven´t regret not a moment of that cold and nauseous drive. Really – not even kids.

We had three days for exploring Banaue and surroundings and we took the first day easy. We had a reservation at Randy´s, which is highly valued in town and has reasonable prices. It was clean and modest and we got a lot of useful informations and directions to explore on our own, without tourist guides. I admit – at first we were annoyed by this guy, because he explained stuff the way that we didn´t like. Very special, very different, very his own… However, at the end, we were grateful for everything he did for us – from advices, directions, help and good offers and I sincerely recommend him.

For exploring of the first day we picked rice terraces of Banaue and we didn´t expect much, because we knew that the most beautiful are those in Batad that were waiting for another day. Ah, our expectations and moments when the world shows us that things aren´t as we thought they were. That sometimes some places are unexpectedly magnificently beautiful. We enjoyed clear weather while walking among terraces that were in shapes of pyramids, we walked many many steps (good that we didn´t know how many are waiting for us tomorrow) and early that evening we dropped to our beds, still tired from bus drive.

Life is beautiful and the most beautiful things are waiting for us somewhere outside of comfort zone.