Banff NP

Banff is the biggest and well-known park in Canadian Rocky Mountains. Our youngest got stomach flu there, so we had to adjust our travel plans. Luckily everything lasted only a day, so we still had enough time to enjoy Banff and its beauty. Being ill while travel is something no one wants, but sometimes happens anyway. Even if it isn´t serious illness, at that time you don´t actually know how long it will lasts, when it will be over, what will have to change because of it and what will the outcome be… In such situations I quickly activate all my “available resources” which I always have with me when traveling: Revival Remedy of Dr. Bach, homeopathy, colloidal silver, algae, probiotics … and it helps. This year we also used – you won´t believe – sipping Coca-Cola, which we don´t even drink. But obviously every poison can be a medicine and every medicine can be a poison – it depends of circumstances and amount of it.

The biggest attraction of Banff and the whole Rocky Mountains are two mountain lakes: Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. They are really, really beautiful, with bunch of tourists wanting to see them. For genuine experience and to avoid crowds is good to get up early and go to the lakes first time in the morning.

Someone said to me yesterday – it is just like in Slovenia. But it is not. It really isn´t. I like Slovenia. I like our wonderful Julian Alps and mountainous Gorenjska. I adore The Dolomites and have climbed on many mountains. But such vastness, such dimensions of hills and valleys, lakes and rivers – we just can´t see and experience that in our surrounding area. So because of apparent resemblance you shouldn’t be distracted from exploring those beautiful places. And no photo – even the prettiest – can make such impact that nature itself can, here on this spot especially.

For nature lovers and mountaineers are Rocky Mountains must-see once in a life time.