Basilicata and Matera

When we left Apuglia, we entered Basilicata, poor, simple and almost forgotten Italian region which peculiarity is Matera, small town with caves dwellings – sassis – chiseled in limy rocks above river Gravino.

We underestimated Matera, because we intended to spend too little time there. Area is protected by Unesco and is half forgotten in time and so special and different that we could easily spent more days there. Ravine gives town a hint of wilderness, caves a feeling of being frozen in time and narrow streets unlimited options for exploring.

Of course there is also newer part of town Matera, but is luckily divided of old part of town with lots of sassis and a view on ravine under them. For genuine feel I recommend to see the town from the other side of ravine, where you can wander around caves and at the same time enjoy wide view on the old part of town and canyon under it.