Beautiful North West side of Sicily

Holidays at the beginning of May are almost here and if you don´t know where to go for a few days, we recommend Sicily.

The prices of airplane tickets to Sicily are quite reasonable – in most cases you can get them for around 50 eur.

The island is wonderful for exploring by ourselves and it offers beautiful nature, diverse history or even just gourmet enjoyment in good Sicilian food.

Because Sicily lies on South of Europe there are already high temperatures at the end of April. Three years ago at last days of April we even swam three times at different locations on Sicily. Sicily won´t leave you indifferent, even if you are demanding traveler, but at the same time, travel itself is so non problematic that it is great choice for those that are going to travel for the first time.

Beside quite touristic Etna and Taormina nearby (which are worth visiting), the most beautiful part of Sicily is its less touristic North West side. If you are deciding what to leave out when visiting Sicily (because of the size of the island) – than you shouldn´t leave out North West side.

I´ve written about Scopello already – that is the most beautiful and the most authentic once-fisherman village on the island. We could stay there and I hope we will come back one day.  But it is not just Scopello what charmed us on North West side – there are also San Vito lo Capo – cape with beautiful beaches on the edge of North West, nature reserve Zingaro (Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro), area around Monte Copano (Riiserva Naturale Orientata Monte Cofano), salt pen in Trapani and at the end – the most romantic temple on the hole Sicily with amphitheatre above it – Segesta.

If you have to decide between visiting South side or North West side of the island – the last one is definitely more beautiful, authentic, charming and natural. I hope that photos will show you at least part of the beauty of North West side, which is most certainly worth exploring.