Bohol – an island of chocolate hills and tarsiers

After short time exploring Palawan we went on Visayas group of islands, on island Cebu which we immediately left for green Bohol with its island Panglao.

Bohol is beautiful, but Palawan is more authentic. On Bohol, locals are friendly – on Palawan are genuine friendly. Bohol is awash with high tourism, on Palawan tourists are backpackers to great extent. Bohol is interesting, Palawan is charming. On Bohol you feel like a tourist, on Palawan like a traveler. We didn´t stay indifferent by beautiful places on Bohol, but scenery of Palawan amazed and totally dazzled us.

If your trip to Philippines include Bohol and Palawan, don´t do the same mistake as we did – sequence of visiting those islands should be the opposite of ours – from good to the best 🙂 . Absolutely from Bohol to Palawan.

On island Panglao, which is with bigger island Bohol jointed with the bridge, we enjoyed on white beaches and turquoise sea. Alona beach is the most known, but the most beautiful is definitely Dumaluan beach, a few kilometers from famous Alona beach. If you are going to Panglao, you shouldn´t leave it out. All tuk-tuk drivers know it. We went to one of them and ask him to take us to the most beautiful beach of the island. We didn´t even hear for Dumaluan beach before. We didn´t expect anything and we had no idea what we will get. Sometimes you get a lot and sometimes you come down with inconvenience – but the experience remains. In most cases, the experience has enormous value – which is measured in authenticity, acceptance, openness, gratitude, feelings of freedom and closeness, respect and humility, perceiving greatness and beauty of the nature.

On the plane back home, I got ill and stayed in bed for a week after coming home. And I said: enough traveling for some time.

Well, that time lasted only a month 🙂 . Peter bought new plane tickets less than a week since we came home. And my heart is open again for new adventures 🙂 .

Life and the world is so beautiful and magnificent that it would be shame not to be part of it. But how can you be more part of it than by experience it – here and now in all the fullness and presence, surrounded by primal nature, complete flora and fauna, with discovering traditions and cultures, people and the world. It is not about the finish, the most important is path itself. And experience that stays.

Ah, la vita e bella. 🙂

Oh, and those chocolate hills and the smallest primates in the world form the title of the article – you should go on that trip while staying in Bohol, it is worth it. And swimming with whale sharks in Oslobo as well, it was crazy experience that we won´t forget.