Botanic gardens of Sri Lanka

Because climbing trees and playing with ground are still favorite ways to play for our kids – we like to visit places where we can explore different and unusual trees and our ability to climb on them, even abroad.

On Sri Lanka we visited two botanic gardens that thrilled us because of mighty old trees, that kids liked to explore, while Peter and I wouldn´t mind to have one of those on our home yard.

Near Kandy – in town Paradeniya – there is Royal botanic garden, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. We spent there a few hours, but would easily be there for days.

The other botanic garden, which is less impressive, but beautiful anyway, is in town Nuwara Eliya, which is called “Little England”, because there you can still feel influence of English colonialism. We spent a few days there, because we needed some rest after poisoning in wild Kitulgala. Nuwara Eliya with its tea plantations, waterfalls, gardens and temperate climate offered us peaceful but civilized place were our digestive organs gathered strengths again. 🙂 Just at right moment.

What can you do – this happens on travels, is part of it and you should accept it. Luckily memories of bad stuff tend to go pale, while memories of beautiful experience tend to stay vivid.

“Must see” of Sri Lanka is especially Royal botanic garden in Pardeniya. And if your weaknesses – as ours – are mighty trees, you should spend at least half a day there.