Campania is Italian region around Naples, Amalfi coast and Calabria on south edge.
We knew from beginning that we won´t drive to Naples, as we were not interested in dusty, dirty and dangerous city. Even – supposedly – the best pizza in the world didn´t change that. The different story was with Pompei and Vesuvio, that are worth seeing at least once.
But more than historical sights we are interested in nature – whether mountains, seas, animals… In Calabria there was town Positano in Amalfi coast that touched us the most. Colorful houses that rise almost perpendicularly to the sea were worth all those sharp turns leading to them. Even expensive cappuccino didn´t bother us, but kids were thrilled by the sandy beach and everything you can do there. Playing football with boys of similar age can distract little footballers for a while. They can communicate with each other even if they don´t speak the same language. Kids don´t have obstacles in their heads, so life is more playful, joyful, authentic, easy-going and vibrant.
We chopped long drive home with spending a night in Tuscany and visiting San Gimignano. But we stayed there only half hour and run away because of unbearable crowd that we were not used to in South Italy. When you get used to peace and silence, noise distracts you even faster.