Cappadocia is fairytale land. It was definite peak of traveling around Turkey many years ago. Rocks and monoliths wonderful colors and shapes – so unusual, so special, so different – that you ask yourself how can this be created by nature? By the other side – this can only be created by nature. People are too limited, trapped in their own patterns and many times creativity is only purifying those inner patterns. I see this trough my work so many times, when people – in good faith and trying to reach balance – build and create only what they reflect inside, which in many cases are reflections of inner imbalance, blockades and distress.

But nature doesn´t mind all that and its creativity is perfect, breath-taking, calming, genuine and beautiful. For me, creativity of nature is the biggest perfection and beauty in its purest form. When people will understand and accept that we are only a small part of nature that doesn´t need us – but we need nature so much – only then balance will start to develop slowly in the world and in ourselves.

Until than – we should observe, be amazed and be grateful that we are part of this beauty and nature.

Photos of Cappadocia, that you can see here, are less quality. They are scanned – because back then we didn´t use digital cameras, instead we took photos on film or we did slides. I hope that they manage to conjure atmosphere, energy and beauty of magic Cappadocia.