Underwater Philippines

Philippines are paradise for diving. Divers would be able to tell more about that. We are not divers, but we agreeJ. We like to snorkel and that way we are able to see life underwater. What we saw in sea of Philippines exceeded all our expectations. Wonderful corals and coral … več o tem →

Traveling review of 2015

Traveling year 2015 was unbelievable and exceptional from all sides. I realize that it won´t be easy to repeat it, at least for a couple of years, as we have two kids that go to elementary school. Or maybe not, you never know 🙂 We were on travels outside Slovenia … več o tem →


Manila is chaotic capital of Philippines. There you can find everything – rich areas and great poverty. It is hot, humid, stuffy, loud, and dusty, always in moving and not appealing at all.  It is far of being must-see while traveling Philippines, but unfortunately you cannot totally avoid it. It … več o tem →

Bohol – an island of chocolate hills and tarsiers

After short time exploring Palawan we went on Visayas group of islands, on island Cebu which we immediately left for green Bohol with its island Panglao. Bohol is beautiful, but Palawan is more authentic. On Bohol, locals are friendly – on Palawan are genuine friendly. Bohol is awash with high … več o tem →


Rice terraces in high attitude on North of Luzon were our last stop when exploring Philippines. They are on Unesco World Heritage List and are considered as Eight Wonder of the World. We were very excited about going there, even though we were not sure if we will be able … več o tem →