Traveling review of 2016

Extraordinary traveling year 2015 (you can read about it here), was followed by wonderful year 2016. We were on travels outside Slovenia for 50 days, that is 14 days less than a year before and Peter even spare 4 days of annual holiday, which didn´t happen in a long time. … več o tem →

Unesco´s Gjirokastro and Berat

Albania is opening to tourism more and more each year, but we still have many stereotypes about it. Some of those stereotypes are no longer true. It is true that Albania is poor country with unbelievably beautiful nature and many contrasts. While on country and in suburbs people are still … več o tem →

Traveling through four countries

This year we spent first part of summer vacation with our brains on off mode in Greece and exploring Balkan. Last year, when we had summer holidays over the sea, we promised kids to go to Greece this year. Greece is their place of playing, socializing with friends, place to … več o tem →