Traveling review of 2017

This travelling year was exceptional, the one we were only able to dream about in the past. Even though we don´t like statistics very much, we counted days that we spent outside Slovenia: 71 🙂 . Those days were spent in 12 different countries outside Slovenia. All those wonderful experiences … več o tem →


What are you going to do at those rocks? They are just stones! … That´s what we have been listening since we told that one day of our trip to London will be dedicated to Stonehenge and surroundings. For me those aren´t just stones. 30 impressive and powerful rocky structures … več o tem →

Idyll on England´s countryside: Avebury stones

We were not we, if we wouldn’t want something different, less city throb and more nature, when visiting London not long ago. We flew with Easyjet from Brnik to Gatwick and rented a car immediately after landing. We didn´t go to London right away as other tourists, as we decided … več o tem →