Chamonix and White Mountain – Mont Blanc

Every summer we fill our a little tired car with tent, sleeping bags, warm and less warm clothes, burner and a lot of food and we go camping somewhere in the shelter of majestic mountains. Many times those are the Dolomites and sometimes our Julian Alps or mountains of Switzerland. Last year was our last station Chamonix, France under White Mountain or Mont Blanc. Chamonix charmed us and because we didn´t have enough time to explore all nature beauties around it, we have decided that our next adventure of summer camping in the mountains will be just here, where we didn´t explore much yet. We stayed in a camp that offered beautiful sight at glaciers under Mont Blanc and served us with wonderful rainbow after a heavy storm in the evening hours. Camping in Chamonix isn´t expensive, but everything else is, so it is better to bring along as much as you can. In that case the journey itself is the highest expense with gasoline and tolls. But if you like to explore nature outside Slovenia too, than I certainly recommend visiting Chamonix.