Chobe NP

After wonderful experience of African safari in Etosha National park in Namibia, we didn´t expect much of Chobe National park in Botswana. We knew we wanted to visit it because we wanted to observe other animals that live by the Chobe River. We wanted to see hippos and crocodiles, even African buffalos, as you can´t see them in Etosha.

Chobe NP lies in north part of Botswana by the river of the same name. It is one of the most beautiful African parks with the highest amount of elephants in natural habitat. You can experience it by the land (game drive) or by the river.

At first, our intention was only game drive but then, at the last minute, we decided to go on afternoon boat trip by the river and observing animals and sunset. It was the best decision ever .
For boat trip, we chose Wild cars & guides, an agency that we also hired a day before for trip to Victoria Falls and we can highly recommend it.

Why was it so beautiful? Let the photos speak for themselves 🙂 .