Crete: dreamlike Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa

Crete is the biggest Greek island in Aegean Sea and fifth the biggest in Mediterranean. It is homeland of rich Minoan culture, it is also called cradle of civilization. Crete is an island where Zeus, master of Olympus, God of all Gods, was born and the island is full of legends about his birth and growing up and all other legends are also related to Zeus and time of his reign on the island. Part of Crete´s charm is rich mythology and history, but Crete is so much more than that. Zeus´ island is famous by variety of natural beauties, turquoise and emerald sea, bays and lagoons that are as beautiful as any others in the world, by excellent culinary and proud, honorary, kind and hospitable locals.

Crete is also called continent or country by itself and it is wise to have at least two weeks for exploring it. I explored it twice. First time I traveled all around it and this summer my mum and I explored only some places.
One of the most beautiful nature scenes of Crete is dreamlike Balos. It has turquoise lagoon and sea and is one of the most beautiful parts of Greece that can compare to many paradise beaches outside Europe. Its down size is crowd in high season, so I really recommend that you go there before high season (first two weeks of June) or after high season (last two weeks of September).

It is not easy to reach Balos lagoon. It is possible by the boat from Kissamos or with a car to the parking above the lagoon and then you have long walk down and later back up. But it is worth it.

If it is possible go to Balos lagoon with a car very early in the morning in low season. Looking at the lagoon and enjoying in turquoise water and rose sand is one of surpluses of nature, even more beautiful if we catch the right moment and avoid crowd.

And Gramvousa 🙂 . It’s a beautiful world.