Diakopto and Kalavrita

For all of those travelers that want something more from Greece than just enjoying on beautiful beaches – the right choice would be Peloponnese. That can be genuine traveler´s adventure mingled with exploring of remote places and rest on Greek Maldives (as locals call little island Elafonissos on top of South – East of Peloponnese)

Immediately on north of Peloponnese you can experience the real adventure while driving from Diakopto (little seaside town that we didn´t like) to mountainous Kalvarita – with cable railway and real almost museum-like train. It was full of adrenalin at the moments, but safe, don´t worry. J It was nice, although the prices in Klavarita are high – for Greece. And although it was insanely hot.

To rest on Greek Maldives you have to drive some more. Nearly 325 km from Diakopto, this means 5 to 6 hours on Greek roads. But there is no problem if you stay the night in Nafplio, which is nice to see. And it is totally worth it. Even repeating it several times.