For many inhabitants of our wonderful planet visiting Dubai would be a “dream come true” destination.

Well, we are not among them. Maybe I would agree that it is nice to see what was made with millions and billions of dollars and adjectives in the minds of creators as are: more, higher, better, the most expensive, the highest… However, even if I try, I don´t see any special beauty in this. Architectural achievements are just sand in our eyes comparing to what our ancestors and highly developed civilizations created many many years ago. Therefore, Dubai left us pretty indifferent, but so grateful for what we have in our small beautiful country under the Alps. All of you complaining about life here, I suggest to travel the world a little. When you´ll come back, you will be endlessly grateful for everything that is given to us. There is not enough money in the world that would convince me to move to United Arab Emirates. I also know that we are different. Luckily.

For all of you that endlessly prefer nature to rich concrete jungle, one day and one night will be enough to visit Dubai. If you have an opportunity, UAE should be your starting point to travel to Oman, which was “top shit” for us, leaving our mouths open and our heart fulfilled with joy and beauty. We were speechless. Genuine, nice, safe, unbelievably beautiful, almost fairytale land… total opposite of what millions and billions of dollars and wish for more and better created to their neighboring country. Moreover, Oman is as wealthy, no doubt about it. But in its essence it is simple, clean, beautiful and genuine.
Maybe it was too big of a shock for us, or the order of visits wasn´t the best, again. But maybe we are just picky? Is this good or bad?

I remembered the conversation that Peter had with spice-salesman on well-known Spice souk. It went like this:

“Sir, sir where are you from?”
“Slovenia. Do you know where Slovenia is? Near Italy ”
“O, Slovenia. Yes, yes….Very small country. Very poor. No oil.”
And then Peter, clear and direct as always. He hit to the point:
“But we have water, a lot of clean water!”
After that, it was silence…

Yes, like that. I wish that things wouldn´t be so self-evident, that we would cherish all of natural resources that our life under Alps offers.

We ascended Burj Khalifa, as most tourists that visit Dubai do. It is currently the highest building in the world. Sheep and crowd principles, we fall to that sometimes as well. But would we do it again?

Honestly – I don´t know. I am asking myself the same question. It is an interesting feeling to be so high, but the whole experience left us unfulfilled. However, the dance of fountains under Burj Khalifa etched on our memory. It happens every half hour and is really something special. We enjoyed there, I admit, and you shouldn´t leave that out when visiting Dubai.

Whenever we travel, we meet new people, nature, experiences, beauty or its opposite, we always choose. We choose, it is not a coincidence. The question is whether we acknowledge what was the thing that attracted us.

Like attracts like. Similar attract similar. Does it sound familiar?

You don´t have to read many new-age spiritual books to understand the essence of life. Sometimes it is enough to take time to talk to someone. To listen to advices of our grandmothers and to hear the wisdom of silence.

Then you ask yourself – why do I have to go to Dubai?