Elafonisos – Peloponnese

Elafonisos is an island on extreme South East of Peloponnese. Little island. Almost without tourist or as little as fits us. Real pearl.

There is one little town, one camp and probably some rooms and apartments. Camp is located on great spot near the most beautiful beach – with shadow. The price for one night for family of four with tent, car and everything else was 37 € last year. Summer break on Elafonisos is great closure of Peloponnese journey.

The easiest way to go from Slovenia to Peloponnese is with ferry from Trieste (Italy) to Patras (Greece). If you are more of a traveler the road trip across former Yugoslavia to North Greece and due south to Peloponnese can be beautiful, interesting and wide experience. Just take your time. At least 3 to 4 weeks.

Elafonisos is called also Greek Maldives. And we agree. Next time when we will lust for Maldives, we will come here. And we won´t wait too long  🙂  We will come again for sure.