Exploring Ravenna and river Pad´s delta with surrounded area

We treated ourselves with long weekend at school break in February. We went to explore and indulge ourselves in neighbor Italy. Maybe someone is looking for an ideal destination to relax from everyday life, which is not too far and is suitable for long weekend that´s coming.

For our last short trip to explore Italy we went to Emilia Romagna region at Friday morning and return at Sunday afternoon. The trip could be done in two days but with less free time and with faster pace.

The first day we stopped at Casenatico. The drive from Ljubljana to Casenatico took us four and a half hours. Casenatico is likable, genuine Italian seaside little town, which is ideal for slow walks on the sun, for taking photos of interesting canal with boats and ships and for culinary indulgence with real Italian pasta and ice cream. At the afternoon we proceeded with exploring of old part of Rimini, which was a nice surprise for us. Especially area around old Tiberio Bridge and Augustus triumphal arch.

Next day it was time for Ravenna – the town of mosaics and Dante (which is buried here), that is under Unesco protection.

The last day we went to river Pad´s delta and wonderful town Comacchio with canal that runs through it. Fishing gives the town its beat and it offers the most beautiful views from its bridges to enjoy in authentic local atmosphere.

We ended exploration of river Pad´s delta, and by that our trip all together, with late lunch in one of restaurants in little town Lido di Volano. Unpleasant house on the outside – almost a shack – showed its authenticity on the inside, with so delicious Italian food that we sometimes still wish to go there and relived those simple but gourmet flavors.

We didn´t make any hotel reservations in advance, there was no need for that. In Rimini we stayed at Eliksir Hotel and were surprised by good price (we bargained for it because it wasn´t high season) and what we got for it. The second night we stayed near Ravenna. While visiting Rimini a lot of travelers go to miniature country in a country – San Marino. We were in San Marino a few years ago, so we rather spent time exploring Casenatico in easy pace and old part of Rimini, which was more beautiful than we expected. I can imagine that in high season it is crowded, so we were happy that there were almost no tourists.

We decided to spend the whole day in Ravenna so we bought combination of tickets that include entrance fee to five sights; theme of all was wonderful mosaics. We saw Dante´s grave and enjoy on Piazza del Popolo, which is heart of Ravenna. We bought our first ice cream this year there and what can I say – there is nothing better that Italian ice cream. 🙂

For the last day there was a pleasant surprise for us. We accidentally stopped at little town Comacchio and we found authentic, local, interesting and photogenic town with canals and bridges – which is not unusual because it lies in river Pad´s delta, an area that is also under Unesco protection.

If holidays that are coming won´t keep you at home, you should take advantage of additional free day and because of that longer weekend. If you want to go out of Slovenia – Italy is always a good choice. 🙂