Fihalhohi – Maldives

Fihalhohi is small island in Indian Ocean. It is one of thousand white coral islands that are part of Maldives. It isn´t cheap, it really isn´t  🙂  And because we prefer cheaper destinations, the numbers were calculated and turned around a lot. But when you are highly driven by something – you just go, even if you have to give up some material stuff at home or borrow some money from your mother – it is worth it.

The coral reef that encircles the island right near the beach, is an aquarium of colorful tropical fish of many different shapes. And healthy living corals. The dolphins swim by sometimes and sometimes even mini sharks, parrots fly around and sit on your shoulder and crabs are hunting on the beach at night.

The ambience was sometimes interrupted only by some Chinese or Japanese tourist that cannot just quietly look at crabs´ play and instead chase them into the water… but luckily we met them only at night, during the day they were miraculously scattered or went diving in other bays. For this natural beauty of atolls and coral islands they charge big bucks. But when you decide to go there, you have to forget about that. And enjoy.