First impression: Mexico and Belize

If someone said to me a year ago, that our first travel in year 2017 would be to Mexico, I would say: nonsense! And if that someone would say that it will be one of our most beautiful travels, I would even dare to bet (and I never bet) that this just isn´t possible.

Well, I was wrong. Again. Lately I am often wrong. Our travels show that to me very clearly and without hesitations. Thank god 🙂 .
At the end we landed (literally 🙂 ) in Mexico and experience one of the most beautiful family vacation and exploration.

The decision to fly towards west side were favorable plane tickets and recommendation of our friends (thank you Nadja and Miha) that opened our eyes about Mexico.
We wouldn´t be ourselves if we wouldn´t try to find those hidden places that mass tourism hasn´t discovered jet. And we did. And they are beautiful.

Of course, there were times when we turned around ten minutes after we arrived (Playa del Carmen for example). That just doesn´t suit us, it is not what we are looking for and we know that. But sometimes you start to cherish real pearls only after seeing the opposites.
And there were really lots of those on that journey. We found them mostly in beautiful flora and fauna, and in nature, which always fascinate us the most. And then there is food and sometimes people.

Why nature always and people just sometimes?
The most honest answer would be: because we are picky.

Nature is always magnificent, because of its power, creativity and sometimes – even brutality. I always find nature pure (in the real and figurative sense of the word). If sometimes it isn´t, it is always because of humans. That´s why nature fascinates and attracts us, always and everywhere.

And beside Mexico there is also – Belize. Crazy beautiful, expensive and worth every single dollar that we spent there.
Mexico is colorful, passionate, loud, vivid and that´s what I like. However, almost immediately after crossing a border we felt different energy. More calm, more tropic, maybe that basic Caribbean, slow and special.
We liked everything in Belize – except for the prices and cruiser boats that stop by Belize City, but you can avoid them quite easily.

Cocoa trees, not touristic and wild Mayan pyramids, mountainous areas with waterfalls and underground caves, little towns and villages, locals – descendants of Maya and Creole, life pace “go slow” and – last but not least – the second biggest coral reef on the world and underwater world that is really wow.

How can it be better than this? We are waiting for life to show us that we are wrong again 🙂 .

We didn´t bother with public transportation this time and maybe that´s why this trip was so relaxed. We rented a car for 20 days and with that we had all the freedom we needed to explore those hidden places that we wouldn´t be able to without car.

More about logistic of our travel and practical advices in next article, which Peter is already working on.

And no, not everything went smoothly and not every single moment was perfect. We didn´t have great time when looking for dentist because Iris had a toothache or when Lan and I were having nausea and vomited at the end of the hottest day.
But luckily all miner complications resolved good and fast and the truth is that we rested on this trip more than on others.

Maybe this is the reason why coming back was as hard as never before. I don´t remember such heavy jet leg as we had for the entire first week.

Is it possible that more than you let yourself go; harder it is to come back? 

Where are we coming back to?

Peope say: to the real world 🙂 .
But I ask myself what is more real? Probably what we think and feel with our limited perceptions.

Let photos tell you more 🙂 .