Geoff´s caye

Geoff´s caye is miniature coral island on Belize Barrier Reef area. I said miniature and I meant really mini 🙂 .

There aren´t any accommodations on this island so you can´t spent the night there (except maybe in a tent), but you can go there as day trip from Belize City or Caye Caulker.

Our experience was bitter sweet.
Sweet because the island is real paradise, white coral sand and amazing color of water that is clear and truly looks like on these photos. We couldn´t wish for more regarding coral beaches and the sea and we are quite fussy about beaches.

Bitter because cruiser boats stop at Belize City at certain days and some of those tourist go to this small island as well. We haven´t found that information before, even though we read many travelers forums and sites, and we also haven´t consider this ourselves – naïve, totally out of our contest of travels, obviously 🙂 .
However, we ended in a boat to Geoff´s caye with 25 American tourists from cruiser boats. OMG is all I can say. Peter and I glanced one another and immediately knew what we are thinking. You will never ever see us on a cruiser boat. I know, they say that never say never and maybe we will change somehow, but what we saw was interesting but not pleasant life´s lesson.
Luckily they went snorkeling among coral reefs before going to the island and we unanimously voted against. So we enjoyed in the beauty of the island before they came back.

If you are going to Belize, it is worth visiting Geoff´s caye. Our advice would be to go from Caye Coulker and not from Belize City and – that you found out when cruiser boats stop in Belize City. And DON´T GO to the island on those days. On Sunday, when we were heading back from coral reef and Caye Caulker, Geoff´s caye was empty, not a single person there. 