Glacier NP

Our second peak of this-year-journey was visiting Glacier National Park, which along with Waterton Lakes Park lies on Canada – USA border. Famous “Going to the Sun road” crosses it from East to West (or West to East), which although is nice, it is also crowded. Just as Logan Pass and short trekking to Hidden Lake. This is the place where our path crossed path of our friends again and we did the trekking together. At our arrival to the Logan Pass, the weather become clear and the sun welcomed us there, so we had a really nice afternoon.

But what was the most special in this national park, wasn´t famous and crowded Going to the Sun road. Real pearls are actually hidden elsewhere. Somewhere at Two Medicine Lake for example, where we would easily spend some more days in the camp at its shore. Or at Many Glacier Valley, which we “accidentally” discovered. What greatness of mountains, beauty, silence and no one around. I could count tourists on fingers of one hand and I really don´t understand how the hell is it possible, that here, at such beauty, was so little people. Luckily for us, of course. Those were two peaks of trip to Glacier National Park that touched something important inside of us and stayed in our hearts.

I cannot forget them. This kind of stuff you just don´t forget. Beauty stays. Especially if it is weaved in primal nature and full of force that created it.