Hallstatt and the oldest salt mine in the world

Hallstatt is an idyllic little town on the edge of North West Austria that lies by the lake and is listed on Unesco´s world heritage list. There are wonderful views on the bay and mountains that surround it and nearby there is also the oldest salt mine on the world.

It is a special adventure to visit salt mine – for kids and grownups. Salt mine tour is guided and it lasts 70 minutes. The history of salt mining is presented on very interesting and interactive way. The whole experience is seasoned with special events as go down the wooden slide and light-shows. It is a unique experience, worth seeing. All nature lovers and those who like natural things can enjoy in shops with natural salt and things made of it.

Visiting Hallstatt and salt mine can be one-day trip, as the drive from Ljubljana lasts approximately three hours. It can also be two-day trip with visiting Salzburg, the town of Mozart. If the weather is nice, you can ride a boat on a lake in Hallstatt that offers wonderful view on the idyllic town by the lake.
There is nothing better for the end of the day as indulging in divine Sacher cake that you can get it in the center of charming Hallstatt 🙂 .