Last day of our trip to Philippines – before returning to Manila – we spent on Hapao rice terraces.

Banaue rice terraces in high attitude are in pyramidal and very diverse, famous rice terraces in Batad are in shape of amphitheatre, but those in Hapao are very open and the river runs through them, which gives them special charm. Because they are less known there were only a few tourists which we especially liked.

Trip there was one of the peaks of the day, because we drove on the rooftop of jeepney and the kids liked it the most. After an hour drive we came to the foot of rice terraces and decided for an hour long walk among rice terraces to pools with hot water at the end, where locals soak. The water is really hot and it smells of sulphur, but it is supposed to be healing. To soak in hot water when the air is hot as well is not the biggest indulge, I admit, as opposed to walk among rice terraces and locals that work on them.

No crowd, no tourists, sunny weather, beautiful nature, interesting locals.

Yes, life is beautiful. 🙂