Idyll on England´s countryside: Avebury stones

We were not we, if we wouldn’t want something different, less city throb and more nature, when visiting London not long ago.
We flew with Easyjet from Brnik to Gatwick and rented a car immediately after landing. We didn´t go to London right away as other tourists, as we decided to go to the nature first, to visit mini villages and explore old monolithic culture.
England´s countryside is idyllic, green and quite picturesque and colorful if the sun shines. I can imagine that when the weather is typically English, it can be dark and bitter, but luckily that wasn´t our case. Otherwise it is quiet, peaceful and totally different than our countryside and stuck in a different time, at least a little distant of our fast, sometimes crazy world.

London is one of world´s metropolis that you should see at least once in a life time, as they say, but nevertheless for me the most beautiful part of our trip to London was the day when we explore England´s countryside. The place that was dear to our heart was Avebury stones. Avebury is little village on south-west part of England which is under Unesco´s protection because of its famous megalithic stones. Avebury is surrounded by the biggest megalithic stone circle that has inner and outer part. The most beautiful part of it is the possibility to walk among stones and megaliths with the only company of sheep. Around the village there is round path and even though you see a tourist or two, there aren´t a lot of other people.

The village itself is really nice, with old houses with roses, gardens and special peace around them. Peace that we value more and more every year. Especially Peter and I. Are we getting old 🙂 ?