Isla Holbox – the pearl of Yucatan

Isla Holbox is an island on north side of Yucatan peninsula and is real pearl on too touristic Mexican Riviera. It is separated from mainland by lagoon, that is home of many birds, mostly pelicans and flamingos; but the whole island is part of nature reserve. To the island come mostly backpackers and those travelers that want to rest from hustle and bustle of east Mexican coast.
Many of travelers come to Isla Holbox because they want to swim with whale sharks in their natural habitat, which is possible between June and August.
There are no cars on the island, but it is intersected with white sand roads, so you can explore the island by foot, by bike or riding golf carts.

The starting point to go to the island is coastal town Chiquila, where ferry (really small one) drives every half hour between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. You cannot go to the island with your car but luckily there are enough cheap and safe private parking in Chiquila, where you can leave your car. Ferry ride lasts about half an hour and you land in the only town on the island; from there you can walk or go with golf cart to hotel or hostel.

We arrived in the afternoon and soon after 6 p.m. we experienced the most beautiful sunset ever. It was romantic and garishly beautiful and we were instantly sorry to be there only three days.

Next day we went exploring the island. We rented golf cart for 30 Euros per day. There were birds everywhere, even on more “touristic” parts of the island.

Luckily it is not allowed to go to the most beautiful parts of the island otherwise than by foot or by kayak. Wild area where the river flows into the sea is protected and really authentic in its beauty. Rays are swimming in the lagoon, birds are flying over it, pelicans, sometimes even flamingos (but we didn´t see them). When exploring lagoons we were tired because of the heat, so we recommend having enough water and protection from sun.

We made reservation for three nights on the island in beautiful hotel Cielito Lindo for which we paid 70 Euros per night for four persons (with quite advanced reservation). To make a reservation in advance is not so important as there are enough little hotels and hostels in the island. Maybe only in high summer season.

The town is colorful, vibrant, beautiful and full of mini restaurants with delicious food.

Locals are offering day trips to islands near Isla Holbox, but we decided to explore surroundings slowly and in our own rhythm enjoying in our time on the island.
On this little remote part of Mexico everything fell into its place – we found peace, wild nature and just enough tourism for our taste.

Don´t leave out this island if traveling on this part of the world. It is really worth of your time, not just by our opinion but by opinion of other travelers as well.