Isola della Cona

Isola della Cona is wonderful national nature reserve near Monfalcone, Italy.

Actually it represents river Soča mouth and includes 2400 ha and at least 15 km of Soča river flow. River Soča mouth (Italian Foce dell Isonzo) is swamp land, surrounded by many lagoons. It is natural habitat for great amount of animals, but is famous especially because of exceptional diversity of birds – there are as many as 300 species.

Inside the park there is organized and beautifully lined 2 km long round path, where different observatories bring wild life closer to us. The path is easy to walk and suitable also for young children. We can as well go on the longer path (a few km) to the point where river meets the sea.

Nature reserve is paradise for photographers, bird watchers and nature lovers. Beside birds we were able to see horses as well, which walk around freely. There were many UAU effects.

You can stay overnight there, in Riserva Naturale della Foce dell´Isonzo. Thanks again to friends that made it possible for us. The cost of overnight accommodation is not cheap, but you can easily make it one day trip and enjoy wild nature.