Jasper NP

Jasper is the biggest National Park in Canadian Rocky Mountains. On North it borders Mt Robson NP and on South it borders most known Banff NP. Jasper and Banff are bind with famous and well known road Ice-field Parkway. It is 230 km long panoramic road which is set up by foot of main iced ridge of Rocky Mountains, past the biggest glacial field in North America – Columbia Icefield.

On that road, first time in the morning, we were surprised by the policeman – he charged us 200 CAD for speeding – we drove 15 km/h over speed limit. Well, that kind of experience can happen too – we thought – but at that moment we didn’t feel good. Soon after that we unexpectedly stopped by the Bow Lake (kids were all of a sudden so hungry J) and because of quiet and majestic beauty of lake itself and surrounding mountains we experienced one of peaks of that journey.

It was unplanned but when we were there, that was it. We didn´t care either that day we go somewhere else or not, experience something more or not, see anything else or not, at that time we didn’t need anything else.

It is worth it because of those wonderful moments. To go outside of comfort zone – where many times unpleasant and unexpected things occur that awaken some of hidden, sleeping patterns inside of us and force us to change them. Because somewhere, on unknown terrain with so many unknown factors around there isn´t a chance to be stubborn or dwell – presence, action and change. Right now, not in a day or a week or a month or after half of life. It is so easy to be peaceful and feel safe and love and trust and presence in familiar environment, among familiar people in familiar situations. But to find peace and be present and yourself at times when you are far away, among unknown people, in unknown environment and you are surrounded by so many unknown factors – that is pure art of living. That for me is one of the most important things on a journey. Presence. You just cannot be non-present, at least not for longer period of time. And then beautiful and less beautiful things happen. Everything. LIFE.

And when we thought that nothing else can surprise us that day, it happened again, on the street. There was black bear crossing the road just in front of us. From policeman to bear. Without one there isn´t the other. That´s how it goes.