Krimml waterfalls and glacial Grossglockner

Grossglockner lies in Austria north from Lienz. Even if you have little children and if you aren´t mountaineer or climber – visiting area under Grossglockner can be nice weekend trip. The Grossglockner area is surrounded by many wonderful waterfalls, which for me – were even better experience as trekking below Grossglockner. Waterfalls are something mighty, authentic wild energy of water that refreshes you, cleanse you and fill you with energy. Waterfalls are one of things that Peter and I both love. Before kids, we have explored almost every corner of Slovenia and its waterfalls. There are really many and the most beautiful are those that aren´t well known. From that time further, I see rainy autumn days as wonderful part of year, because waterfalls are full of water at that time.

We combine trip to Grossglockner with visit of Krimml waterfalls, which are the highest in Austria. They lie North West from Grossglockner, near village Krimml, in national park Hohe Tauern, in mountain near Italian border.

It was wonderful two-day trip in beautiful nature and in company of great friends that invited us to that trip. Thanks 🙂