Lago di Sorapiss

Lake Sorapiss or Lago di Sorapiss is the most beautiful lake that I´ve ever seen and I´ve seen plenty of them. It lies near Cortina d Ampezzo, hidden among mountains and under control of peak Monte Dito or Dito di dio (God´s finger).

The lake is easy accessible, but you have to make some effort anyway. There is 7 km long path to the lake with approx. 150 m difference in altitude, that starts on pass Tre Croci (Passo Tre Croci). Part of the path is by precipitous but straight terrain which isn´t problematic for kids that are used to trekking. You should be careful, nevertheless. Those 7 km can be long, especially when coming back and kids will probably need more attention and motivation. At least our kids 🙂 .

We went to the like twice – once with a little one in the baby carrier and the second time when kids were 6 and 9 years old.

The Dolomites hide so many wonderful pearls, that we cannot get tired of. We like to camp in Rocchetta camp in Cortina d Ampezzo, which is great starting point for trekking and exploring the surroundings. As I have written many times – the price in such camp is comparable to the prices of camps in Croatia; drive to Cortina lasts a little more than four hours and doesn´t represent any problem.

There are no more excuses for a little different holiday – in intact nature away of crowd. At least for as there aren´t any 🙂 .