Legzira – Morocco

When you decide to travel to a foreign country, you are often limited. Limited with finances and with time. Limited with your own expectations, wishes and ideas, so it is better to leave them at home. The thing that is really important on the travel – besides finances – is time. Mostly there isn´t enough time to see everything you want to explore in foreign and interesting country. So you have to decide – because it is not possible to see everything and there is no sense in that.

We often decide on those criteria: Less is more. Nature before towns. Authentic, not so touristic places have advantage over more crowded and full of tourists.

We had to decide on our Morocco trip as well. To explore more known and touristic North of the country or less known but very authentic and naturally beautiful South? We were questioning ourselves whether we should make such a big turn to the south to come to Legzira, wonderful beach with natural rocky arches and wild nature.

It was worth it, for sure. Even though the weather was cloudy and fogy, the sun came out for two hours when we were walking under magnificent creatures of nature. And our effort was paid off with delicious meal of fresh fish and vegetables. We were once again convinced that looks can be deceiving – we would almost pass the local and very simple restaurant by the beach due to possible food poisonings. We were persuaded by talking to a few tourists that stayed there because of delicious food and wonderful nature. South of Morocco charmed us, and affirmed us that the most beautiful stuff happens outside of much walked paths.