Our Morocco journey started and ended in Marrakesh. We were careful, slow and even a little reserved when exploring colors, smells and flavors of medina at the beginning of our trip. But at the end of it, we were enjoying it a big time.

Interesting, different and special was exploring its famous square Jemma el – Fna, getting lost in its narrow souks, haggling over the price with locals, exploring bunch of spices, buying herbs and tea leafs or drinking mint tea at the roof top of the house with view on little and big squares in vicinity.

The center of happening is Jemma el – Fna – of course – and its numerous merchants, cunning owners of snakes and monkeys, street acrobats, fortune-tellers… and above them sits mosque Koutoubia.

I recommend you to take time to explore cuisine of Morocco. Their tagine and couscous are phenomenal. Moroccans know how to season food splendidly and you really shouldn´t be afraid of possible indigestion. You should be careful only with juices and fruit salads.

To experience Marrakesh you need more than two hours. In medina quarter you just have to have time to get lost and found yourself again. And in between you can experience colorfulness of mystic red town.