Slovenia: Martuljek waterfalls

Sometimes we have to deal with different challenges. We have the opportunity to choose what will help us or fill us with energy.

One of the best options is definitely higher dosage of vitamin N. Nature. Even better if that comes together with pure energy of waterfalls.

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia, we don´t even know how many. This time we decided to explore wild Martuljek waterfalls under mountain Špik once again. The starting point was Gozd Martuljek. We had refreshment on Jasenje – home made sour milk, stew and yota (Istrian Stew) – which is alpine post in between lower and upper Martuljek waterfalls.

Upper waterfalls are harder to reach and the last part of the trail has to be climbed, but that won´t be a problem for those, used to walk on rocks as well, so just be courageous. Go get your high dosage of vitamin N 🙂 .