For me – Meteora is spiritual center of Greece. Its soul. The place with special energy, where silence is the loudest. Where you can sit on one of its many monoliths and you just are – connected to the nature and yourself. It would be naive to think that monasteries are here by coincidence. Once people were well aware which places of our wonderful Earth are the right ones to build on monasteries. The moment you come to Meteora, you too understand why.

Old Greeks say that this is the place where Gods were playing after they created the Earth. A lot of wonderful rocky towers with chiseled monasteries attract and thrill climbers, photographers, historians and ordinary travelers all the time. Special attention should be paid to mini inhabitants of this fairytale land, which you regularly meet on the street – the turtles. Because of that you should drive your car between monoliths and monasteries really carefully and slowly.

We have already been to Meteora twice and I know it wasn´t our last time. The easiest and cheapest way to come here is to go from Trieste, Italy to Greece by ferry or through former Yugoslavia by car. Combination of those two – by boat one way and by car another – can make your trip really great. And quite interesting for our youngest travelers.