I didn´t expect anything when we started to explore the Peloponnese. Actually at first I wasn´t even thrilled about the idea, because I don´t like classical history that much. I am more for nature and its beauties 🙂 .

Oh, I was so wrong. Moreover, it is really nice to be wrong sometimes.

Peloponnese is fantastic, beautiful, diverse and much more than what we used to red in history books. It is kaleidoscope of little towns, islands, underground caves, hidden waterfalls, lakes and wonderful beaches. Summer holidays in Peloponnese just cannot be boring. You always run out of time for all the hidden gems. One of them is Monemvasia on south east of Peloponnese. It is hidden town on the island. Rocky, but alive. Without being crowded. In summer heat, it is unbearably hot but crystal clear sea cools you down.

If you are planning to go to Greece, don´t leave out Peloponnese and Monemvasia on it. Near Monemvasia there is an island Elafonissos, called Greece Maldives. World travelers put that beach on list of top ten the most beautiful beaches on the world. We agree with that. You can read more about Elafonissos in another article, but together with Monemvasia they are interesting and wonderfully beautiful tourist tandem that we will come back to.