Mount Rainer NP

Mount Rainer is volcano that decorates image of Seattle. On our way from Seattle to Yellowstone, we stopped at national park underneath it. We decided to enter it on North East side, where you reach the highest point with the car – Sunrise Visitor Center, and then you can go on a short trekking. The weather as clear and just a few tourists and hikers. We took a path through forest to the lake nearby. We didn´t expect mamma bear with two cubs would take the same path 🙂 . We saw them about 20 meters down the slope. And we were fairly scared. At that situation it didn´t come to our mind to take a photo of them 🙂 .

That was our fist and at most close experience with a bear in its natural environment, where people are guests. Later we have found out from a ranger that mamma bear is timid and always steps back, so our fear was overmuch at the time. Nevertheless, in that situation we saw how our instinct reactions of survival look like. Not always the wise one.

Mount Rainer National park is really beautiful and it surprised us, especially because we didn´t expect anything of it. It represented only diversification of our trip from Seattle to Yellowstone. Luckily, our sparing expectations didn´t become true. And luckily many times those little things are the sweetest.