Norris in Biscuit gejzirski dolini

When driving or walking through Yellowstone you have a feeling that there is smoke everywhere. Not only that you have that feeling, the earth really “leaks” and smokes. It smokes from earth, lakes, geysers, waterfalls… Sometimes it smells, sometimes not. Actually it doesn´t smell that much, considering the amount of “leaks”.

Regardless which valley of geysers you enter – bigger, smaller, upper, lower, medial 🙂 – everywhere you have a feeling, that you landed on a another planet. That such scenes don´t belong to Earth. And that, besides lots of animals, gives special charm to Yellowstone and that is the reason why many travelers think that Yellowstone is the most beautiful national park in the world.

And no, it is not dangerous. It would be dangerous if it wouldn’t smoke and leak. If everything would stay underneath the surface, hidden to our eyes. It is just in our lives. Can you find a comparison? I can 🙂 .

So – live everything, be everything – because the most unusual and weird things can create something so exceptional.