Ohrid and Belgrade

Two years ago on our Balkan road trip from Greece home we stopped in Macedonia and Serbia. More precise in Ohrid and Belgrade. The first one disappointed us, the second one thrilled us. But we thought that the first one will thrilled us and the second one will disappointed us. Ha, sometimes life takes its own turn and sets our expectations around.

Why Macedonia repelled us so much? I don´t actually know. I may be making it injustice and looking at it through my own prism of patterns, feelings and expectations. Maybe we expected too much from Ohrid. Maybe we have seen too many wonderful akes already and Ohrid Lake left us indifferent.

The thing that repelled me the most were actually people. Those we contacted in Ohrid. Their attitude was very repulsed to me. I know that behind that there is battle to survive, low standard of living, wish to earn some money – which Northern neighbors bring with. But something in this country just didn´t sound right, it didn´t vibrate right, it didn´t capture my heart.

And than we came to Belgrade. Skeptical. Tired. Hungry. Without positive expectations. But when we were trying to find parking in center of Belgrade we immediately encountered people that – without asking and expecting them to – offered help, directed us, were prepare to pay our parking ticket…

We liked Belgrade, its energy, its beat and life. I know that not everything is good and I wouldn´t want to live there, but I would gladly come for a long weekend 🙂

The experience about Ohrid and Belgrade confirmed what I already knew and is very important for travelers: we should lower expectations and just live life that runs around and through us.