Okavango delta

Okavango River delta was one of the peaks of our travel to Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls. Actually – flying over Okavango River delta with mini airplane and observing this natural wonder. Overflight was magical and madly beautiful, even though we had nausea at the end – because of all the loops and ups and downs and left and right turns of the plane.


Okavango river delta lies on north side of Botswana and represents huge area of inner delta where Okavango River reaches tectonic trough in center part of Kalahari river basin. Water that reach delta doesn´t have an outlet to the sea as usually rivers do – because there is no sea 🙂 . This huge amount of water empties on area between 6.000 and 15.000 km2 (source: Wikipedia) and because of heat evaporates quickly. It attracts numerous animals and creates wonderful forms, colors and wild scenery. Because of its range and magnificence it was pronounced as one of African seven wonders and is Unesco protected area.

Starting point to see the delta is Maun where most travelers spend the night as well. There are two most common ways to see the delta – one is with traditional mokoro boats or overflight with plane or helicopter.

We decided to fly over it by plane or – more accurate – only adult women part of team afforded it. The reason for that decision was that family budget started to be encroached by African adventure . So, thank you guys for selflessly withdrew this option to your wives 🙂 .

The price of flying over Okavango River delta depends of number of passengers in the plane, but mostly it is around 90 eur per person. There were seven people in our plane as we joined another group and by that lowered the price for all of us.
I have to say that overflight was exceptional, as we flew low and have the opportunity to observe the animals in the delta as well. It exceeded our expectations. But, as I mentioned it before – you can get nausea because of all turns and loops, as we did.

In the end, you forget about the nausea. Things that you don´t forget are those scenes, views and memories 🙂 .