Oman´s fairy tale

This year we got 11 free days for just 4 days of annual holiday days at the beginning of May.  Because we don´t have a lot of annual holiday days at work we decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

We were asking ourselves where to go for quite a long time. At the end we were attracted to Arabic world and when Peter found good offer for plane tickets to Dubai, we immediately bought them.

Because we adore nature we didn´t want to stay in Dubai for long so we started to look towards neighbor country Oman.

How to come from Dubai to Oman as fast as we could and for reasonable price?

It became clear quite fast – with a car that we rented on the airport in Dubai.

Is it safe? Is it doable? We were checking out forums on the internet, asking around and I am endlessly grateful that we didn´t listen to advices we got. They advised us not to go by car, even very experienced Slovene traveler thought so.

Thanks to Peter and his great wish to see Oman. More about logistic will be written in article by him, I will just make a short conclusion – it is totally safe and doable. And that was one of our most beautiful and safest travels up to the present.

We were enthusiastic and we don´t have a single complain except for the heat. Oman is fairy tale itself.

It is very diverse, authentic, nice, incredibly safe and even more incredibly beautiful country to travel – suitable for travel with little children too.

Wonderful, mostly intact nature, authentic nice people, good (and cheap) food, total fell of familiarity…

Ravines, canyons, mountains, forts and castles, town with souls, desert and oasis, very beautiful wadis and sea, market places and souks…

Can it be even better?

We will come back one day, for sure…